Can you brake a Tesla faster than the machine?

Staying at home to avoid the COVID-19 spread can be tedious, but it is necessary. Some get the chance to work – like us – or fix broken stuff that was waiting for months for repairs. Whatever you are handling with your time at home, try to find a few minutes to play this fun game developed by It shows how fast Tesla's Autopilot-based Automatic Emergency Braking, also known as AEB or Autobrake, responds to an obstacle ahead.

The test is quite simple: when you perceive the car is approaching anything, just hit the space bar on your keyboard. On a cell phone or tablet, just tap the screen. That will be equivalent to hitting the brake pedal.

Tesla has never told anyone how quickly Autobrake acts. That demanded the team to select ten viral Autobrake videos that showed how much time it required to stop the car entirely. According to the analysis, they have performed on those videos. AEB's response time was 0.3 s.

Although this is very fast, professional drivers could probably beat that time easily. Check this video that tested F1 driver's reaction times in a very informal way.

As you can see, Max Verstappen was the fastest one, with 0.231 s. A video from 2013 show how they train their reaction times to the many variables they have to face in a race.

The equipment most use is called Batak Pro. You can see it in the video below.

It is a pity these devices are not available to every driver around. If they were part of the driver's license tests, they would probably ensure more people around would be fit to deal with emergencies at the wheel. For all the ones that lack the required speed, AEB may be what it takes to avoid serious accidents. At least in what relates to Tesla vehicles.


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