This video showcases the Tesla Model Y's nifty rear seats, as well as showing off the cargo capacity and providing us with a look at the frunk.

With the Model Y now in the hands of some owners, the first videos have started to appear on YouTube. While we expect to have a review of the vehicle posted as early as tomorrow, today we highlight a clip that shows us mostly inside the Model Y.

One of the cool features found on the Model Y and absent on most other vehicles is that the rear seats fold down in three separate sections. You can fold the left, center and right seat down independently, in groups of two and all together. Typically, rear seats fold in a 60/40 split in only two sections. The setup in the Model Y offers greater versatility since two occupants can still easily sit in the back with one seat folded down (usually the center).

In addition to showing off the seats, we see the buttons that are used to fold the seats, as well as the vast cargo space within when all the seats are fully folded (and yes, they do appear almost perfectly flat when folded down).

Last, but not least, we see the Model Y's frunk (front trunk). It appears more than spacious enough for stowing quite a significant amount of cargo, groceries and other items.

Check out the video to see within the Y.

Video description via Michael McMasters on YouTube:

2020 Tesla Model Y Awesome Cargo System and Capacity!

Here's an initial look at the Model Y's Cargo System and Capacity.

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