The felling of the tree farm went smoothly. Now we are eager to see the construction skills.

Tesla has completed the felling of the tree farm for the first phase of the Tesla Gigafactory 4 (aka Giga Berlin) in Grünheide, near Berlin in Germany.

The timing was key, as Tesla was racing with time to finish the work before the birds' mating season or the project would be stuck for several months. Now the only thing that left is to take the wood and to remove roots from the ground.

For now, Tesla prepared only part of the plot - for the first phase (for the first out of probably four main buildings) of the Gigafactory 4. See image below at 4:02:

Tesla had promised to plant three times more trees than were cut, which combined with the production of zero-emission cars, sounds like a brilliant environmental balance.

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Tesla Gigafactory 4 (aka Tesla Giga Berlin) at brief:

  • to be located in the Berlin-area (in Grünheide, Brandenburg, Germany), (near the new airport)
  • to produce Model 3/Y starting in 2021 with the Model Y
  • will produce also batteries (for sure modules/packs) and powertrains
  • expected volume of 500,000 annually (unofficial target), initially 150,000
  • expected investment of €4 billion (unofficial)
  • expected 10,000 jobs (unofficial)
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