This unique drag race features three Teslas all lined up against one another. It's the Model S, versus the Model 3 and Model X. Which Tesla is the ultimate drag racer? On paper, the Model S is the clear favorite, but this particular race takes place on some wet pavement, so will that impact the final results?

CarWow pits these three Tesla vehicles, all of which are all-wheel-drive variants, against one another on a wet drag strip. The AWD should be able to cope quite well with the wet tarmac, though the conditions surely aren't ideal. It's Tesla Model S Performance against Model 3 Performance and Model X P100D.

Gallery: Tesla Drag Race Numbers Comparison

Before you start watching the video embedded above, let's compare the numbers here first. All these Teslas are all-wheel drive with two motors powering each axle. The main differences between these cars are their power outputs, weights, and well, price tags.

First off, the Model S Performance produces 825 horsepower (615 kiloWatts) and 959 pound-feet (1,300 Newton-meters) torque, pulling its hefty 4,941 pounds (2,241 kilograms) of weight. The price of the Model S Performance is in between the Model X P100D and Model 3 Performance.

On the other hand, the Model 3 Performance may be the most affordable among the three, but it's also the least powerful at 490 hp (365 kW) and 487 lb-ft (660 Nm) of twists. As a silver lining, the Model 3 is the lightest, tipping the scales at 4,072 lbs (1,847 kg).

Lastly, the Model X P100D is the priciest and the heaviest of the bunch at 5,483 lbs (2,487 kg). However, its dual electric motors make up for the weight disadvantage with 795 hp (593 kW) and 841 lb-ft (1,140 Nm) torque.

With these numbers all laid out, which do you think crosses the finish line first? We'll give you a's a Tesla.

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