Finland, like many other European markets, experiences an outstanding plug-in electric car sales result right from the start of the year. One of the biggest boosts in the European Union is now the new, stricter emission requirements for manufacturers.

In Finland, in January sales hit a new record of 1,443, which is 132% more than a year ago. That superb growth was achieved while the general car market went down by 8%.

In effect of those two trends - growing plug-in car sales and declining ICE sales, the plug-in market share surged to 14%!

Plug-in electric car sales in Finland - January 2020

In terms of models, customers in Finland opt for mostly plug-in hybrids (probably around 85%) - especially from Volvo, Volkswagen Group and BMW. The first all-electric model is the Renault ZOE (29 units).

Well, let's hope it will continue and that gradually BEVs also will catch on.


Source: EV Sales Blog

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