We've spotted a Tesla Model Y fitted with a roof rack. Roof rack carries all sorts of odd-shaped items like kayaks, bikes, skis and more, thus adding to the versatility of a crossover/SUV such as the Model Y.

The roof rails seen on the Model Y here are just the start of building up a set of accessories that can carry all sorts of items atop a car. There are other components that make hauling items such as bicycles, kayaks, several sets of skies, a cargo box and more possible once the foundation of the roof rails is in place.

Not all cars can accept roof rails, so it's good to know that the Model Y can and that it actually looks quite swell with the rails in place. Presumably, these are the roof rails that Tesla will offer through its own online store. However, they could be tweaked before being sold to future Model Y owners. There will likely be several aftermarket solutions for roof rails offered too, so it may be best to wait a while after taking delivery of the Model Y before buying a set of roof rails, as not all are created equal.

Assuming the Model Y will also be offered with a tow hitch, the combination of towing some gear behind and loading some additional cargo up top means that the Y will be very versatile and a capable companion for long-distance trips.

Grab a look at the video to see the roof rails from more angles.

Video description via RKT on YouTube:

Spotted the new Tesla Model Y on CA-237 in Sunnyvale.

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