This Roborace autonomous race car needs no driver to go very fast

While the idea of driverless electric car racing might not be to everybody’s taste, there’s no denying vehicles like the ones in the Roborace series are pretty darn cool (if purely from a technical point of view). They not only look like full-size versions of an RC car, but they’re also extremely advanced and very fast too.

This particular one, called the Roborace Robocar and featured in this video by Rich Rebuilds, for instance, has a verified top speed of 299.6 km/h (186 mph), making it the fastest driverless car in the world. It is actually designed to be able to hit 320 km/h (199 mph), but as of right now, it hasn’t been tested up to that speed.

It’s powered by four 300 kW electric motors, and in order to guide itself around a track, it relies on 5 lidar sensors, 2 radars, 18 ultrasonic sensors, 2 optical sensors, 6 cameras and GPS. The vehicle’s brain is Nvidia’s state of the art Drive PX2 processor that’s capable of 24 trillion operations per second.

In this video, we get a close up look of some of the autonomous racer’s inner workings, as well as explanations from the engineers working on the project. We get to see where and how some of its important components are placed, although it’s not really an in-depth look at everything going on under its skin.

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