The London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) announced the most significant growth phase in its history, as the company expects to increase its sales by 50% compared to 2019.

To achieve the goal, LEVC will expand to 20 markets around the world by the end of this year and introduce a plug-in van (in Q4 2020), based on the TX e-City range extender technology used in LEVC TX taxi/TX shuttle.

"Both the TX models and new electric van use LEVC’s proven e-City range extender technology, with 80 miles (130km) of emissions free driving and an extended electrically driven total range of over 370 miles (600km). The new van will offer a ‘distribution to door’ – not just last mile – service, providing the critical link between out of town depots and city centres with no range anxiety, while the TX Shuttle serves the growing need for on-demand public transport and taxi services."

Since the sales in 2019 exceeded 2,500 TX, it's easy to calculate the target for 2020 - at least 3,750 vehicles. Those are not very high numbers, but quite substantial for a particular niche application.

More positive news, especially for the British automotive industry, is more than 100 new jobs planned at an advanced manufacturing facility in Ansty.

Joerg Hofmann, CEO of LEVC, commented:

“LEVC is at the forefront of reinventing mobility, by transforming from an iconic British taxi brand to a leading electric vehicle manufacturer.  We are at a pivotal time in LEVC’s history. Our strategic direction is on track as we deliver consistent, planned growth and I’m delighted to be able to create new job opportunities this year to support the continuing success of our business.”

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