There's a chance the Model S has charged faster than this, but this is the first publicized report.

Our friend Eli Burton (Starman and My Tesla Adventure and Tesla Geeks Show podcast) just published a video proving his Tesla Model S Performance 'Raven' hit an impressive peak Supercharging rate of 181 kW. For comparison, Tesla's previous "V2" Superchargers max out at 150 kW.

Burton was charging at the Tesla factory in Fremont on one of the company's new V3 Superchargers. He started charging with the car at a 5% state of charge. While the charging process started slowly, it picked up speed and eventually exceeded his expectations.

We've heard a lot about the Tesla Model 3 and its potential to charge at 250 kW using the new V3 Supercharging technology, but this is the first we've heard about a new Model S posting such high numbers. If you aren't aware, the Model 3 has the ability to charge faster than Tesla's Model S and Model X, but this test may prove that the automaker is making necessary upgrades to its flagship vehicles in order to change that.

Video Description via My Tesla Adventure on YouTube:

How fast can a Raven Model S on a V3 Tesla Supercharger?

I ran my battery down to 5% to find out what kind of charge rate I could get from my Raven Model S on the V3 Tesla Supercharger. The result was impressive.

The state of charge on the model S at the start of the charging session was 5%.

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