The poor Cadillac didn't stand a chance.

This drag race video shows a Tesla Model 3 absolutely crushing a Cadillac CTS-V. The Model 3 is so dominant here that the Caddy actually seems slow.

As expected, the Model 3, with its instant electric torque and grippy all-wheel-drive system, gets the immediate jump off the line. What we didn't expect to see was just how far the Cadillac CTS-V fell behind. Within just seconds, the Model 3 is so far out in front it's no contest.

The CTS-V is actually considered a fast car too. Depending on the model year, its output is as high as 640 horsepower and 630 pound-feet of torque. Those are impressive figures, but in the world of drag racing, it's still no match for the mighty Model 3.

The end result is that the Model 3 turns in an impressive time of just 11.42 seconds for the quarter-mile blast. Meanwhile, the Caddy is some 3 seconds behind with a time of 14.33 seconds.

But give the video a watch. It's really quite something to see the Model 3 capture the victory as easily as it does in this matchup against the CTS-V.

Video description via Narendra Vuddanti on YouTube:

Watch Tesla Model 3 vs Cadillac CTS V go head to head on the 1/4 mile drag strip at Wild Race Pass Motorsports Park, Chandler AZ.

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