This drag race video features a Tesla Model 3 up against a highly modified Honda Civic that makes a ton of noise and spews lots of smoke through a pipe in the hood.

We're not quite sure what's up with this modded Civic, but it sure does make a lot of ruckus. Additionally, smoke just pours out through the exhaust(?) pipe that exits through the hood.

It's a matchup between the clean and quiet and the dirty and loud. The Model 3 gets beat badly off of the line. That's unusual, as the instant torque of electric cars usually means they jump out in front. However, it seems the driver of the Honda Civic perhaps misses a shift and it's game over then.

The Model 3 immediately gains on the Civic, blows by it and captures an easy win. It's not a superb time for the Model 3 at 11.822, but it's more than enough to trounce the Civic with its time of 13.95 seconds.

We're still shaking our heads though at the sight and sounds of this Civic. Why all the smoke? It's not a diesel, so this isn't some coal-rolling. Is the smoke a sign of something wrong with the car? Or is it supposed to be some sort of intimidation type thing? What are your thoughts on why this Civic is so smoky? Let us know in comments.


Video description via Somnium Sky on YouTube:

1/4 mile in 11.822 at 117.19 mph. 1/8th mile in 7.656 at 95.06 mph. Model 3 with Acceleration Boost.

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