The driver of the Rogue was swerving in and out of the lane before the wreck.

This TeslaCam video captures a Nissan Rogue that's driving way under the pace of traffic. The Nissan is swerving in and out of its lane too. When a propane truck finally attempts to pass, the Rogue veers over and smashes right into it.

As you'll see in the video, the Nissan driver is having difficulty staying within the lane lines. On multiple occasions, the Rogue crosses the lane lines and even nearly hits some traffic cones. The Rogue is moving slower than surrounding traffic and that's likely what prompts the semi-truck driver to overtake the Nissan.

As the propane truck attempts to pass the Rogue, the Nissan crossover veers way off course and into the lane of the truck. Though the truck attempts to stop, it's too late as the Nissan Rogue collides with the truck.

Luckily, the impact was light and it seems little to no damage was done to the truck carrying the propane. The Rogue fares a bit worse and loses its rear bumper cover in the process. It's hard to tell if the driver of the Nissan was just distracted or if something else led to the erratic driving. Lastly, we'll point out that the solid white line means lane changes in this area aren't allowed, so the truck is therefore at least partly in the wrong here too.


Video description via CoolSilver on YouTube:

Propane truck vs (possible) distracted Nissan Rouge.

No Audio, just the footage.

Captured by TeslaCam.

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