This TeslaCam video shows a dog crossing a highway. The alert driver of the Tesla reacts just in time to save the dog from getting hit. The driver somehow even choose the right way to redirect his/her car. It's an impressive bit of driving, that's for sure.

The dog appears to be a German Shepherd and if you watch the video closely, you'll even see the moment when the dog knows he's in danger. This happens right as the Tesla driver is making the move to the left to avoid the dog.

All too often, dogs in traffic don't fare well, but in this instance, the driver can be congratulated for making the right moves at the right time to effectively save the life of the dog.

Watch the video again. See how the Tesla first veers slightly right. This would have resulted in the car hitting the dog, but then the driver knows that going left is the right choice and he/she does so. It's a brilliant bit of driving really and it saved the dog, that's for sure.

Video description via Jamie Drogger on YouTube:

Teslacam Dog Save


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