A plaid Rivian R1T electric pickup truck? Yikes, it's certainly not the best-looking R1T we've seen. Tesla's approach to Plaid is more to our liking.

Tesla uses the term Plaid to refer to its upcoming hottest variant of the Model S and Model X. Plaid, in this instance, is a Spaceballs reference (Musk loves Spaceballs) and it implies insane levels of performance, especially for the Model S Plaid.

But as you can see in this rendered image of the R1T, plaid is taken much more literally. The truck is plaid. Like very plaid in its outward appearance.

We don't think the color combo is fitting of the stylish R1T, but to each his/her own. It certainly will draw loads of attention and for some that's the goal. other prefer a more subdued appearance, like that of the real R1T featured in the gallery directly below:

Gallery: Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck

The plaid R1T render comes our way via the Rivian Owners Forum, where we've also spotted the Rivian R1T rendered in Lincoln Blackwood pickup form.

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