Yet another YouTuber from Germany has put the new Porsche Taycan Turbo to the test in highway driving conditions. Jens from Move # Electric, whose daily driver is a Tesla Model S, took the new Porsche EV on the autobahn to test its real world range when driven constantly at high speed and, spoiler alert, it had no problem smashing the vehicle’s claimed EPA range.

He drove it at speeds between 130 km/h and 150 km/h (80 mph to 93.2 mph), with an outside temperature of around 46 °F (8 °C), during an overcast day with drizzle. The car was almost fully charged (96 percent) and while he didn’t try to completely empty the battery, he did drive the car for 209 km (129 miles), then calculated its range based on its consumption over that distance.

And his result was 343 km (213 miles), and since the battery wasn’t quite fully charged, we can safely round that to about 350 km (217 miles). This confirms what another German outfit discovered in pretty much the same conditions, as well as our own findings after driving the Taycan Turbo for 436 miles.

These promising tests are putting the Taycan in a new (and more positive light than before) after its initial EPA range results were published and were met with disappointment on the world EV scene. But through its combination of a good drive (it’s fast, sporty and quite comfortable), decent range and a Porsche badge, it’s clear this sedan has what it takes to start building a fan base.

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