The passenger plug-in electric car market in Sweden almost doubled, reaching its all-time highs in January 2020.

The number of registrations amounted to 5,153, about 94% more than a year ago, but more importantly, on an overall shrinking market (by 18%), the market share was an incredible 31%!

It's now one of the hottest plug-in markets globally, as we rarely see market share above 10%.

Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden – January 2020


Best selling models

There is no competition for plug-in hybrids in Sweden, and without much of a surprise, the 2nd model evolution of the Volkswagen Passat GTE leads the market with 652 registrations.

The next six most popular plug-ins were also PHEVs, while the best-selling all-electric model was #7 Kia Niro EV (e-Niro) with a result of 282.

With a lot of new, more attractive plug-in hybrids on the market now, and in the near future, we expect that the PHEVs will remain in high demand.

Here are detailed numbers via the EV Sales Blog:


Source: EV Sales Blog

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