The European Commission recently approved €300 million ($332 million) of additional state funding in Germany, which combined with previous state funding brings the total amount to €650 million ($719 million).

Germany intends to use the funds to incentivize electric bus orders within two years (by the end of 2021):

"The German aid scheme will apply until the end of 2021 and is intended to cover the additional costs for the purchase of electrically operated or rechargeable hybrid buses instead of conventional diesel buses and the establishment of the charging infrastructure required to operate these buses."

We guess that a lot of new electric bus projects will be launched soon, possibly with thousands of new EVs. Just in time, especially for the German manufacturers (Daimler, MAN) that recently entered the EV bus market.

"Based on these considerations, the Commission concluded that the benefits of the project in terms of EU environmental objectives are clearly greater than any distortions of competition caused by the aid. Therefore, the aid scheme was approved in accordance with EU state aid rules."

Source: European Commission, Green Car Congress

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