Tesla Addresses Nassim Taleb's Complaints With New Refund Policy

Nassim Taleb's Complaints Make Tesla Create New Refund Policy Nassim Taleb's Complaints Make Tesla Create New Refund Policy

What would happen if other people with a large following complained about other issues?

On January 15, we told you that Nassim Nicholas Taleb was pretty mad at Tesla Customer Service. The author of “Skin In the Game” made sure Elon Musk heard about his problem. When he was offered a solution, he said it would not be enough to solve his case and leave others hanging. That is probably why Tesla now has a refund policy for upgrades.

According to the company’s Upgrades page, you can ask for a refund up to 48 hours after the purchase. That will probably not be enough to satisfy Taleb: he also complained that the app should have a two-step buying process, with a password or a confirmation method of some sort to avoid butt dials. We are not sure if Tesla has taken care of that as well, but it should have.

Refunds for upgrade purchases made at Tesla Service Centers have to be handled at Service Centers, not through the app. Subscriptions have to be canceled at the Tesla Account, for what the Connectivity page explains, but it says you are not eligible for refunds in case you do.

That leaves us with a lot of questions to be answered. Had Taleb not asked for a solution for every customer and not solely for himself, would this refund policy be created at all? There were many other cases of “butt dial,” but his was the one that triggered a response from Tesla.

With that in mind, what would happen if he had any issues with the OTA update that restricted range and supercharging speed and complained about it? What if someone else with a large following on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook had paint chipping issues with their Model 3? Or with the MCUv1, which is still not upgradeable, as Elon Musk promised back in 2018?

Regular people facing these problems ask for our help or tag Musk on Twitter in search of a solution. We hope he starts addressing their concerns as quickly as he addressed Taleb’s.

Source: Tesla via Teslarati

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