Wow! This guy is pretty bold to drive away after clearly rear-ending a vehicle and pushing it into others.

As you can clearly see from the video above, the driver of a silver, late 90's Honda Civic rear-ends a Toyota Prius c, which gets pushed into an SUV. It's hard to tell if the chain reaction makes it any further, though the SUV may have slightly bumped the small car ahead of it. It looks more like the potential fourth car actually accelerates forward on its own. At any rate, the Civic driver boldly weaves through traffic and drives off.

The crash is minor and at a very slow speed. There is probably not much damage to any of the vehicles. We can only assume that no one was injured either. However, when you're involved in a collision, no matter how minor, you have to contact the authorities and remain at the scene.

Many of us have learned the hard way that there are people out there who don't follow the rules. We recommend that you invest in a dashcam to help your case in incidents like this. All new Tesla vehicles come standard with a built-in dashcam (TeslaCam) and a Sentry Mode feature. Hopefully, other automakers will begin offering a dashcam in their vehicles.

Due to his car's built-in camera, a Tesla Model 3 owner captured this footage. You can see the fleeing car's license plate number clearly (BOC5597). Hopefully, posting this video helps the authorities track down and charge the Civic driver.

Video Description via Steph DeRosa on YouTube:

Tesla Cam Hit and Run

On Jan 24th my model 3 caught this hit and run accident on I5 in Tacoma.

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