Tesla has just confirmed that the Model Y is in production now, so this sighting in Toronto and other similar sightings should become common.

Just today, the Model Y was spotted in Downtown Toronto in Canada. The pre-production prototype looks similar to the Tesla Model 3, but it is noticeably taller - also compared to other cars.

Video Description via Kushari on YouTube:

Model Y Spotted in Downtown Toronto, Jan 29th 2020

Was surprised to see a Model Y while walking, it didn't have a front license plate so I knew it wasn't from Ontario, and knew it would have the Tesla Manufacturer plate from California. This would aid the rumors that deliveries are starting soon!

The first Tesla Model Y VINs already appeared in NHTSA database and now that we know production is underway, we expect deliveries to be just around the corner.

Here is an additional video, this time at the Supercharging station in California. The car looks great with black wheels and no chrome. With its slightly bigger size, hatchback trunk and possibly technical improvements over the Model 3, we might even say that is the best Tesla ever.

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