Tesla encourages hackers to try to get access to its vehicles and alert the company of issues and vulnerabilities. The automaker even offers a bounty if a hacker is successful. Since these folks are hard at work diving into Tesla vehicles' inner workings, it's not uncommon for them to come across interesting discoveries about how certain technology works, as well as what may lie ahead.

One such hacker that gets a lot of attention in the Tesla community goes by the name of green (@greentheonly) on Twitter. His work primarily focuses on Tesla Autopilot. If you've seen the videos of Autopilot and the identification of what and how it "sees," you've likely seen some of green's work. Now, he's put together a list of potential Tesla hardware updates that he discovered due to information hidden in firmware code.

The hacker believes that several Tesla updates are "imminent." He shared the following tweet:


As you can see, green appears pretty confident about quite a few exciting updates. He explains that Tesla is aware people have been able to discover this information, so it is going to greater lengths to assure that isn't possible. However, due to firmware timing and Tesla just recently taking a freeze off to add this seemingly necessary code, it suggests that something must be happening sooner rather than later.

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