BMW Releases New Infographics On Plug-In EV Sales for 2019

Comparison of plug-in car sales from BMW’s perspective through December 2019.

BMW i3 120 Ah BMW i3 120 Ah

With the year 2019 behind us, once again we can take a look at the global electromobility charts, provided by BMW Group (BMW and MINI brands) using IHS Markit New Registration data, for the past 12 months.

As usual, the purpose of the presentation is to show the brand's position being higher than the industry average, but let's check what else we can learn from the new set of infographics.

Electromobility In Germany. Share In New Registrations By Brand.

In Germany, the BMW brand is the plug-in car leader with a 21% share (see full results in Germany in 2019 here).

In 2019 Tesla managed to expand to 10%, which is more than Mercedes-Benz (9%), Renault (9%) and Volkswagen (9%).

Electromobility In Europe. Share In New Registrations By Brand.

In Europe (most of Europe, to be precise), BMW is still the second most popular plug-in brand and improved its share to 14%. The top brand is Tesla (20%), which benefits from the Tesla Model 3 success.

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance does not have any more big advantage over others (as an automotive group) as 20% for Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi barely meets Tesla now.

Electromobility Globally. Share In New Registrations By Brand.

Globally, BMW's share expanded to 7% (3rd best), while Tesla (#1) is at 20%! BYD this year shrunk to 10%.

BMW i3 Share In The Compact EV Segment Globally

BMW i3 remains in the top three in the compact segment of BEVs with a 17% share, compared to Nissan LEAF (22%) and Renault ZOE (20%).

Electromobility By Country. Share In The EV Segment. BMW Versus Market-Average.

Plug-in electric car share for the whole of the BMW Group is significantly higher than the industry average in many markets (no change here compared to previous months).

Electromobility By Country. Share In New Registrations. BMW EV* Versus BMW ICE.

BMW Group share in the plug-in segment in particular markets is also higher than the company’s share in the gas/diesel markets, which means that the switch to electric brings a general gain of market share for the group (no change here compared to previous months).

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