The RC Cybertruck looks tiny compared to this raised 4x4 RC sedan.

This remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck is in trouble as it attempts to go through some deep and slick mud. Along comes a friend in the form of a raised 4x4 RC sedan to tug it out. 

It's all fun and games until you get stuck in the mud. Of course, this Cybertruck is just a toy, but it amazes us to see just how many people out there are building stuff with a Cybertruck-like appearance. It's as if the Tesla Cybertruck has become the most viral vehicles of all time.

That's likely due to just how polarizing the design of Tesla's pickup truck is and perhaps a bit connected to the admiration of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Tesla's grand mission. But still, we ca't recall seeing any other vehicle debut and then immediately appear in 3D printed form, remote-controlled form and even in full-size builds.

In fact, some of the builds have even been spotted on public roads and there are many more faux Cybertrucks in the build-up stages right now.

This video here is just another fun one we thought was worth sharing. It features a mock RC Cybertruck that really struggles with the mud, but the much bigger "Penny 4x4" is there to tug it out, though it doesn't do so with ease.

Video description via RC Buyer TV on YouTube:

Get TESLA CYBERTRUCK out of the mud! ... Penny 4x4