You may remember that in August of last year, we covered a video that signaled the start of a pretty enticing build. The plan was to remove the 3.5-liter naturally-aspirated V6 out of a Nissan 350Z and replace it with a Tesla drive motor and batteries.

Well, it’s now 2020 and not much has happened since, because according to the guys at throtl (the people behind the project), they first had to finish off other cars before giving this special build their full attention. Therefore, it isn’t that much further along than when you last saw it, but we are promised that they are going to pick up the pace and actually get it done.

In previous videos on the build, they received the Liberty Walk body kit from Japan and fitted it to the car. What’s actually pretty cool about the kit that they ordered is it is designed to fit the headlights from the newer Nisan 370Z (the 350Z’s replacement) and this completely transforms the front end look of the car.

The Tesla rear subframe (including motor) the was also mounted in a previous video, but the car still didn’t have a battery pack which is one of the tasks tackled in the latest video. They also start permanently mounting the wild body kit and it finally looks like it’s taking shape.

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