Green Motion, a well-established Swiss manufacturer of electric vehicle charging systems enlisted the help of Pininfarina with the desire to "redefine the aesthetic standards" of EV supply equipment. 

The result of the collaboration was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. It was there that Green Motion unveiled a level 2 wallbox they call Residenza, or "residence". 

Green motion chargers at CES
The Green Motion booth at CES before the introduction of the new Residenza wallbox

We don't have too many details at this point, other than we're told the new unit will have a voice control system and an automatic cable management system, which recoils the cable up and into the unit. Therefore, there's no need to coil the cable up yourself while the wallbox is not in use. It simply retracts itself into the enclosure, and all that remains exposed is the connector, which holsters into the body of the wallbox. 

Green Motion by Pininfarina wallbox

I asked how much power the unit delivers while visiting the Green Motion booth at CES, and was told it's a 30-amp unit. That's not too premium in our book, considering this will likely be an expensive unit, with pricing expected to be well north of $1,000. 

Sustainability is the main value shared by Green Motion and Pininfarina. An element reflected on the history of the two companies: Green Motion, pioneer provider of breakthrough technologies of charging infrastructure, and Pininfarina, innovative design, user experience and engineering company, boasting a long tradition in the development of electric cars. A value intrinsic to charging stations, here further emphasized by the decision to select organic and recycled components for the realization of Residenza.

Green Motion also emphasized the need to incorporate sustainable manufacturing and is using organic and recycled components to manufacture the Residenza. 

We'll keep our eyes open for more details on the Residenza, and perhaps get one for a full review once they become available. 


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