A recent garage fire in California just hit the news. Thankfully, the fire only caught in the garage and outdoors and didn't make its way into that home. However, four cars were totaled, including a Tesla.

There have been about 40 Tesla fires in total globally, which is surely cause for concern since any car fire is a major problem. However, with over a million cars sold globally, this is very far from a big deal.

Many cars from traditional automakers have caused or been involved in fires over the years, so much so that they top Tesla fires by a long shot, however, there is little mass-media coverage of such situations.

We're waiting to find out what may have caused the fire, but at this point, there is no reliable information. As more details become available, we'll update this post.

This is a developing story ...

Video description via Arlingtoncards on YouTube:

Chasing Hots Spots, Fire Near Attic Following Attached Garage Fire, Chestnut Ave Arlington Heights

Firefighters Attack Attached Garage Fire, and Stop Fire’s Advance to House on Chestnut Ave

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