Why does this seem to happen so often?

Once again we have a video of a reckless driver that purposely cuts off a Tesla and then attempts to brake check it. Why does it seem like Teslas are targeted so much? Is it Tesla hate? Or is it simply due to the fact that these TeslaCam videos are published more so than dashcam videos from other cars?

With the introduction of TeslaCam, we've grown accustomed to seeing acts like this against Teslas, but now we wonder more than ever if Teslas are actually targeted more so than other brands and models of cars or if it's simply a matter of Tesla drivers being more likely to post videos of these reckless acts.

In this video, the offending car squeezes into a spot that doesn't really exist. In doing so, it cuts off the Tesla. This is quite common in the world of driving, but then the offending car decides to brake a couple of times. One of the braking events actually makes the car in front squat down in the front end. This only happens when one applies the brakes rather hard.

Luckily, the Tesla driver reacts in time and doesn't hit the reckless, brake-checking car, but still this type of driving needs to cease to exist. It's definitely not safe.


Video description via Eson Hughes on YouTube:

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