There's nothing quite like the white-knuckle, heart-racing feeling of passing a large semi-truck on the highway in deep snow. As you can see from the video above, this Tesla Model Y prototype is out testing in the slippery stuff. In addition, it's dark, reportedly storming, and the all-electric crossover is heading up over Donner summit in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

The above could all prove to be a recipe for disaster, but that's exactly what Tesla needs to assure that the car is appropriately tested prior to beginning deliveries in the near future.

It's often hard to tell how bad a storm is when watching video footage, but you can see that the picture isn't good. Regardless of how much snow is actually falling, it's clear that the roads are in rough shape, the snow is relatively deep, and there are lots of tire tracks in the snow, which can prove difficult to deal with. It's also obvious that the roads haven't yet been plowed.

Tesla vehicles like the Model 3 have proven a reputation for handling well in the snow. This is especially true of those with dual-motor all-wheel drive. There's no reason to believe the Model Y will perform any differently, but it's still nice to learn that Tesla is putting it through the paces.

Video Description via Christopher Radoff on YouTube:

The eYe of the Storm

Tesla Model Y, in the wild. on 80 eastbound going over Donner summit in the storm.

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