This animated video pits the Tesla Cybertruck against the Ford F-150 pickup. As the Cybertruck rams the Ford, the Ford truck flips and then, it becomes the new Ford Wedge. At least that's the name we're assigning to it.

It's a twist we weren't expecting to see. At first, we were expecting a tug-of-war challenge in the video. We didn't get any of that. Instead, we see a Cybertruck smash into a Ford F-150 pickup truck. The result is a Ford flipped over onto its roof.

But then, something only seen in simulations occurs. The F-150 truck flips upright and transforms right before your eyes. It's now the Ford Wedge, not to be confused with the Ford Edge.

In Wedge form, the Ford truck is even more angular and odd-looking than the Cybertruck.

Is this super angular, triangle-like profile the future of pickup trucks? It may well be and if so, the Cybertruck started this new craze.

What do you think of the F-150's new look? An improvement? Too much wedge? 

Video description via The Blue Babe on YouTube:

The Tesla Cybertruck vs Ford F150!


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