Last month the Tesla_performance_3 tweeted an interesting thing, presenting two Tesla Model Y rear ends - one with a straight trunk edge and one with a curved trunk edge.

"There are two kinds of Model Y prototypes: Straight or Curved trunk edge. Which one will be used for mass production?"

Assuming those are not fake images, the existence of those two Model Y prototype types suggests that Tesla was trying to figure out which one is better.

Better in terms of manufacturing cost, better in water drainage (Model 3s have some issues) or maybe even safety (when the trunk is opened)?

In terms of looks, most of us would probably opt for the white one (as in Model 3), we guess. As all/most of the Model Y that we've seen in photos and videos seem to look like that. However, the decision about which one will be produced may have already been made.

Feel free to share in comments which version you prefer.


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