The Tesla Cybertruck has surely taken the world by storm. It's unique, interesting, and polarizing, to say the least. However, this didn't stop an esteemed publication — Automobile — from selecting the Cybertruck as its Concept Car of the Year.

According to Automobile, the Cybertruck's design was just too unique for it not to get kudos. While the Tesla truck has undergone endless scrutiny, its Bladerunner and James Bond-esque cues make it beyond original and truly innovative on so many levels.

This is not to mention that in the electric pickup truck's initial days of pre-order availability, the arguably much-hated Cybertruck raked in some quarter-of-a-million reservations. Automobile wrote: 

"Polarizing objects are things you either instinctively love or loathe, no middle ground whatsoever. Tesla's Cybertruck is about as perfect of an instance as you'll ever encounter, however long you might live.

We love the basic idea and shape. Some critiques we read in the first few hours after its initial reveal suggested it to be a manifestation of unimaginative brutality, crude, ugly, and totally impractical. It is certainly different from traditional pickups, which apart from size have not really changed in concept in 100 years. Is it better than the tens of millions of pickups made during the past century? That remains to be seen, but as a concept vehicle it's both exciting and profoundly interesting."

The publication points to the Cybertruck's unique structure, outer skin, practical features, adaptive suspension, roll-up bed, and family-friendly features as paramount. Needless to say, Automotive's detailed article is surely worthy of a good read. To do so, follow the source link below.

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