The Tesla Model Y has been seen out testing in various locations as of late. It's clear that Tesla plans to sell its upcoming, smaller three-row SUV in volume across the globe, despite naysayers stating otherwise. In fact, Tesla has already officially announced it will be built and delivered in the U.S., China, and Europe.

Tesla never revealed the third-row seats in the Model Y. This is likely because they're small and designed primarily for children. While many people have voiced concerns over that, many midsize and large SUVs, as well as minivans offer third-row seating that is only sufficient for kids or smaller adults. It's actually rare to offer a third row that can easily accommodate adults on long trips. 

For Tesla to offer a relatively roomy third-row in a subcompact, or even compact SUV, is compelling. Only a few comparable vehicles, like the compact Volkswagen Tiguan, come standard with a third row. You can get a third row in the compact Mitsubishi Outlander, but you'll have to pay for it, and it's not an option on the plug-in model. Keep in mind, these third rows are not fit for most passengers.

Video Description via steven1strange on YouTube:

Wild Tesla Model Y Spotted at Vietnamese Pho shop, tried peeking in the back seat...

Happy 2020!

Caught the unreleased Dual Motor Tesla Model Y on new years day casually going about its business. Tried to get a glimpse into the backseat configuration, unfortunately the tints on the Model Y was too dark.

Looks as they are still trying to figure how to manufacture the air flow grill. New type of wheels, chrome delete, and supposedly seats 7... Hope the battery configuration allows for those back seats.

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