This TeslaCam video captures a Tesla Model 3 flying by another Tesla on the expressway. However, a police officer spots the speeding Tesla and goes on the pursuit. The cop catches up to the Model 3 and pulls the car over. Watch the whole video right here.

As you'll see in the video, the speeding Model 3 flies by the other Tesla in the left lane. The Model 3 driver doesn't spot the cop car that's just up ahead. However, the video clearly does see the officer and even catches the moment the cop car lights 'em up. The police cruiser merges onto the expressway and immediately sees the speeding Model 3.

The pursuit is on, but it ends quickly, since the Model 3 driver rightly moves over to the right lane and pulls over.

Watch your speed out there. You never really know when the police will pop up. Once again, TeslaCam captures something with a bit of twist. Getting pulled over for speeding surely isn't unusual, but a Tesla filming a Tesla getting stopped by the cops is probably a first.

Video description via Shall 76 on YouTube:

Tesla Driver Pulled Over on Westbound CA92

No audio. Caught on Tesla sentry dashcam. Let's give an F for the owner.

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