In the world of gas-powered cars, high-performance and high-efficiency typically don't mix. However, if you add a battery, that begins to change. Hybrid vehicles can perform well and offer better efficiency than traditionally powered cars. This is even more true of plug-in hybrids, though nothing can top a fully electric car when considering the blend of fun and frugality.

TLF works to prove the concept by taking several EVs out to the track. They ask if EVs are quick at the strip and fast on the track, all while being quite efficient.

TFL tests out a Volkwagen e-Golf, Kia Niro EV, second-gen Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model X, and Tesla Model 3 Performance. For practical purposes, it's fair to say that all of these cars offer plenty of off-the-line pep and respectable handling.

However, as you may have expected, the Tesla vehicles are more refined, significantly quicker, and superb in the handling department. While the Model 3 Performance is aptly more agile around the track, the Model X gets kudos for its outstanding traction and stability control.

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Video Description via TFLnow on YouTube:

Behind The Scenes: The Tesla Model 3 and Model X ARE Surprisingly Fast On The Track!

( ) While most mainstream electric cars are built for efficiency over performance, that doesn't mean the entire segment is devoid of fast or fun offerings. The Tesla Model 3 and Model X are two cars that are surprisingly quick around the track and aim for performance as well as efficiency.

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