Now that Porsche has started delivering its Taycan on our shores, we'll have many upcoming reviews to share. One of the most important prices of information (at least in some peoples' minds) is the Taycan's real-world range.

This is because there was much talk early on about the car potentially having some 300 miles of range. While the EPA rated it at just 201 miles, Porsche insists it will fare better. In fact, Porsche shared that independent testing has proven 275 to 288 real-world miles depending on model.

Greg Wyler is reportedly the first person in the U.S. to take delivery of the Porsche Taycan. Not long after he received his car, he posted some information on Twitter.


As you can see, Wyler believes the EPA's range estimate may be too conservative. He claims he drove the car hard for 117 miles in cold temps and still has over half his battery remaining. This could mean Wyler will get some 250 miles or more out of the battery. If true, the Taycan's range could hypothetically far exceed even the independent test figures in warm weather.

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It's important to note that this is a single report and not an official test. There are many variables involved here. We have no idea exactly what the car's range estimate/battery percentage is relying on or how accurate it may be and we don't yet have a follow-up report about how many miles of range that remaining 54 percent allowed, etc.

Wyler did comment that his app shows 222 miles of range after a full charge. He says this is based on previous driving, and he's been driving the car pretty hard, not to mention the cold weather.

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