This Cybertruck gets shot by a bullet, goes through a car wash, plows through stuff in the desert and even gets its glass smashed by a steel ball. Watch the entertaining video right here.

During the official debut of the real Tesla Cybertruck, a steel ball was thrown at the two side windows and both broke. Additionally, some bulletproof claims were made. All of this is likely what inspired this very funny video featuring a "Cybertruck."

As you'll see in the video, this homemade Cybertruck is quite crude. It's basically just some metal welded on and some panels meant to resemble those found on the real deal.


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The appearance of this Cybertruck is not the focus of the video though. In the video, the Cybertruck is taken out into the desert where it plows through some objects. Later on, the Cybertruck takes on gunfire from a handgun. Then, it's time for the steel ball versus window test.

After all of the destruction, it's time to head on over to an automatic car wash for some cleanup and to test whether or not the truck takes on water. It does. A lot, in fact.

But how did the pickup truck fare against bullets and the steel ball? Grab a look at the comical video to find out. It's definitely worth a watch for entertainment value alone.

Video description via Income School on YouTube:

We got 24 hours to play in the Cybertruck. It was epic! We took it through a car wash with the windows down, plowed through stuff in the desert, shot it, and tried to break a window with a steel ball like Elon Musk.

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