This TeslaCam video captures a Tesla accelerating to avoid being rear-ended by an out-of-control Ram pickup truck. The truck slide as it tries to stop. The Tesla driver moves forward to avoid being hit.

As you'll witness in the video, the Tesla is stopped for a red light ahead. The Tesla has a car length or more from it to the next car in front and this cushion allows it to escape from being hit from behind as a Ram pickup truck seems to come in too hot and then ends up skidding with its brakes locked up.

The driver of the Tesla says he heard the Ram truck sliding behind him and at that moment realized that to save his car from a collision, he could and did pull forward. This reaction by the driver of the Tesla likely saved the car from being hit.

It's unclear why the Ram driver skidded to a stop, but the video uploader concludes it could've been caused by bald tires, speeding and/or even distracted driving.

What's your take as to why the Ram was out of control?

Video description via Demarius Henderson on YouTube:

This could’ve been a bad Christmas. Don’t know if the guy was distracted, he was speeding, or his tires were bald (probably a combination of all three), but he almost slid into the back of my car this morning. Thankfully, I heard him sliding and had enough space with the car in front of me to create some distance! Whew.

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