Watch as a Tesla hydroplanes out of control while the driver stupidly records it on his camera phone. The Tesla crashes due to the actions of the careless driver who allowed the car to continue at a high rate of speed despite the poor road conditions.

In this instance, we can say that Autopilot is not at fault. First of all, the driver is supposed to maintain contact with the steering wheel and should be able to take over control of the car at all times. The driver is busy filming his car on Autopilot and neglects to take control.

Secondly, the Tesla is traveling far too fast for the conditions and, given the intense rain, the driver should've de-activated Autopilot, taken full control of the car and slowed down.

And finally, the driver is using the camera phone to capture video of the entire event. This alone is enough for us to say that the driver is fully at fault here.

But go ahead and watch the video to see if you reach the same conclusion.

Video description via Dougal Vlogs on YouTube:

I Love Tesla, but yes my car crashed on Autopilot. I am okay for the most part and car is being repaired. Enjoy


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