A parked Tesla captures what appears to be a drug deal going down just a foot or two away from the car. The video shows a bagful of an unknown substance and some money exchange hands. Can you tell what type of drug is being dealt?

Sentry Mode is always on the lookout and this is no exception. It's kinda hard to believe that drug deals go down in broad daylight and in what's clearly a public space, but Teslas see all, so we know this sort of activity still occurs.

The brief video clip captures a male entering a vehicle to retrieve some money. The male then meets up with what we believe to be a female who hands over the bag of drugs in exchange for the cash. We can't really make out either the dealer or the buyer in the video, but the video uploader does definitively state it's a drug deal, so perhaps there's some more conclusive footage that wasn't made public.

Anyways, we can now check the box for drug deal caught on TeslaCam. What's next?

Video description via Kevin McAllister on YouTube:

A drug deal in the parking lot caught on Tesla Sentry Mode



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