TeslaCam captures the moment a shopping cart begins to seek out and attack a parked Tesla. Watch as the cart rolls from far away and slowly makes its way over to the parked Tesla before finally striking the rear of the car.

At first glance, you'd think this video is about to show a truck smashing into the parked Tesla, but as the pickup exits the scene, you see that's not the case. Then, there's this odd moment of nothing happening and we begin to wonder what's the point of the video.

Shortly after the lack of movement, we spot it. There's that pesky shopping cart starting to move. With a bunch of open asphalt between it and the parked Tesla, surely it won't head directly for the car. Wrong. Sure enough, the runaway shopping cart makes its move for the Tesla and the anticipation begins to build. Will it hit it? Will it miss it?

If only a parked Tesla could Summon itself out of the way of the rogue shopping cart. It can't though, so here comes that cart and then...BAM!

You're never safe from a shopping cart, no matter where you park, it seems.

Video description via Bill Ellis on YouTube:

Well, Tesla Cam worked.

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