Take a powerful, rear-wheel-drive, all-electric car — the Tesla Model 3 — disable the traction control and pair it up with the celebrated Dodge Charger Hellcat for a little playtime. What you get is some solid fun, complete with burnouts, drifting, and speed battles.

When EVs first came to market, no one expected them to be able to hang with the "big boys" at the track. Since then, many self-proclaimed gearheads have been admittedly blown away by what Tesla has been able to achieve. Of course, after years of refinement and improvements, its flagship Model S has proven to be a top performer on many levels.

More recently, the Silicon Valley electric automaker's entry-level midsize sedan has taken the automotive world by storm. In its dual-motor, all-wheel-drive Performance trim, it gives most competitors a run for their money and often prevails. However, it has also proven to amaze in its less expensive Standard Range Plus trim, which comes with a single motor and rear-wheel drive.

Check out the video above for proof. Then, share some wisdom with us in our comment section below.

Video Description via lowlifeduramax on YouTube:


Tesla Model 3 SR+ rear-wheel drive with traction control disabled playing around with the 707hp hellcat monster! Unfortunately, the tires are officially killed from this video and the previous "drift" video.

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