According to a recent video and subsequent thread tweeted by Tesla Model 3 owner "Tesla Life of Deenchik (@dollarn9ne), two Ford owners may have intentionally blocked Tesla Superchargers for the last time. This is because their behavior didn't just result in a ticket from the local police, but also a paid trip via a tow truck.

The situation involving a Ford Mustang and Ford Focus occurred in California at the Walnut Creek Supercharger station. Based on the information from the tweets, the station has two rows. One row is marked "Parking for all, but charging preferred," which means other cars can park there if needed. The other row is clearly labeled as a "Tesla only" area.

Apparently, a Mustang and Focus were both parked in the area that is specifically for Tesla vehicles. When this information was pointed out to the Mustang owner, not only did he refuse to move his car, but he also flipped off a Tesla owner. There were cars lined up to charge, so this made it even more necessary for the Mustang owner to move his car.

As the incident progressed, the Model 3 owner contacted the police. They showed up, ticketed the two Ford owners, and then towed the vehicles away. This is interesting since it seems the owners could have taken the tickets and then proceeded to move their own vehicles. However, based on the information that was shared, it appears they refused to move, leaving the police with no other option.

Check out the original Twitter video below, as well as other important information from the thread. Then, leave us your thoughts in our comment section.



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