Following the breaking of the Tesla Cybertruck's glass by a steel ball, this video surfaced showing an attempt to damage a Tesla window and door with a soccer ball.

As you'll see in the video, the first piece of glass put up against the soccer ball in from Land Rover. That section of glass isn't secured to the wood frame, so when hit, it falls to the ground. After a few blows from the soccer ball, the Land Rover glass shatters.

Next up is the Tesla glass. This section of glass is secured to the wood frame and it gets hit by the soccer ball numerous times with the speed of the ball rising on each strike. The Tesla glass stands up to all of the impacts from the soccer ball without breaking.

Last is the Tesla door panel. Will it dent? You'll have to watch the clip to find out how the door panel fared and after doing so, you may up knowing how close you can park while at a local soccer field.


Video description via Kieran Brown on YouTube:

We're back with another episode of FOOTBALL VS!!

You've probably seen the window smash on the Cybertruck? Well, I wanted to see if a football could do the same with a Tesla window!

Football Vs Tesla Door and Window + other items! What should we do next??

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