The driver of this Subaru WRX passes by the Tesla Model 3 and then immediately cuts off the Tesla. Later on, the Subaru nearly sideswipes the Model 3 in this road rage incident.

The Model 3 driver is a bit at fault here too, but the actions of the driver behind the wheel of the WRX are clearly more dangerous and it's the Subaru driver who instigated this incident.

Were not sure what provoked the driver of the WRX to make such a dangerous merge, as there was plenty of room to get over in a safe way. However, as you'll see in the video, the Subaru merges right in front of the Tesla and Autopilot reportedly had to hit the brakes to intervene.

Then, the driver of the Model 3 decides to blow by the Subaru (doesn't it look like the hood of the WRX is open?). This act must've annoyed the driver of the WRX because it's after this pass when the Subaru attempts to nearly sideswipe the Model 3. It was a very close call, but no contact was made.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but in this instance, it's the driver of the WRX who could be cited for reckless driving, while the Tesla driver at most would get a speeding ticket.

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in comments.

Video description via RwYeAsNt on YouTube:

WRX Cuts Off Tesla Model 3


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