Portugal enjoys healthy growth of plug-in electric car sales combined with a significant switch from BEVs to PHEVs.

In November, sales increased by 23% year-over-year to a near-record result of 1,261, but more importantly, the market share was huge 7.7%!

With the PHEVs taking 71% of the total plug-in segment, BEVs are pushed back to 29%.

After 11 months of 2019, total sales amounted to 11,327 at a 5.5% average market share

As of November, we note at least several German plug-in hybrids surging up in the table, led by the BMW 330e with 203 new registrations (top result for the month).

According to the EV Sales Blog, the increased demand for BEVs/PHEVs might be partially caused by the incentives for company cars.

The top three models remain:


Source: EV Sales Blog

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