The Tesla Cybertruck can be summoned out of its underground hideout and fly up and out, before heading right to you in this make-believe video.


There's been no shortage of CGI videos of the Tesla Cybertruck. Even the tie to SpaceX has been explored in connection to Tesla's new truck. However, this latest CGI video combines the Cybertruck with SpaceX and some "Back To The Future" elements.

As you'll see in the video, the Cybertruck, once Summoned, appears from its underground lair. The truck uses some sort of rockets in place of its tires and wheels. This allows it to come to the surface. It then makes a turn and poof, it's gone. Or some CGI glitch makes it disappear.

Of course, this is just a humorous video with no connection to reality aside from the fact that Elon Musk says the Tesla Roadster will actually have optional thrusters, but we'll believe that when/if we see it.

What we find most interesting in regards to all these CGI animations and renders of the Cybertruck is that there's just so much interest in the truck and so much time and effort spent on making videos such as this one to showcase the Cybertruck. In a word or two, Cybertruck mania is real.

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