How does Tesla's Smart Summon semi-autonomous "parking" and "valet" technology handle a shopping cart that's gone astray? This video works to answer that important question.

As you may or may not remember, a few weeks ago we shared a video of a Tesla Model 3 making several attempts at a tricky obstacle course with its Smart Summon feature at the helm. Those interesting obstacle courses and the intriguing video that followed were put together and produced by tech reviewer and Tesla YouTube influencer Kevin Rooke.

Rooke has become even more involved in learning how Tesla's semi-autonomous technology works. He keys in on not only how it works, but whether or not it will actually function correctly in certain everyday scenarios. 

In his most recent video, Rooke pits a semi-autonomous "runaway" shopping cart against the semi-autonomous Tesla Model 3. He also adds some other tricky obstacles with balloons, basketballs, and soccer balls. Think, objects a kid may be running after!

In many cases, the technology did exactly what it's expected to do. However, Rooke continues to point out that there are still updates needed. While Smart Summon is pretty impressive, it's not yet perfect, as it popped a rolling ball.

Check out the brief video and then let us know your thoughts and experiences regarding Tesla Smart Summon.

Video Description via Kevin Rooke on YouTube:

Tesla Smart Summon vs. Shopping Cart: How Does Smart Summon Work?

Smart Summon is amazing, but it does have limitations. So I brought a bunch of obstacles down to a local parking lot to find out exactly how smart summon reacts when obstacles get in the way of my Model 3.

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