This weekend we saw confirmation that the reservation holders of Made-in-China (MIC) Model 3s started receiving delivery notes from Tesla. That would support previous news about imminent deliveries.

The notice (via, is that Tesla is now in touch with customers:

"Tesla delivery specialist will contact Model 3 owners within a week of the notification to confirm the following:

  • Requirements for the installation of home chargers and fees
  • Vehicle registration info for the reservation holder’s Model 3
  • The Model 3’s loan and insurance—if necessary
  • The second payment and remaining balance payment
  • The delivery location and date"

It's not clear how many Tesla Model 3 might be delivered by the end of December, but we assume that a three-digit number is a worst-case scenario with a low four-digit number most likely. Not bad, considering that a year ago there was just an empty field.

In comparison, Tesla is expected to deliver more than 100,000 cars in Q4'2019.

Five-digit sales (at least 10,000) will be possible from Q1, as the production rate is already estimated at above 1,000 a week.

The production run consists of three colors: Midnight Silver, White and Blue.


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