According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the final production form of the Tesla Cybertruck might end up being a bit smaller than what was shown at the debut.

Word of this comes after video surfaced showing that the Cybertruck may not fit into a standard garage. However, if you happen to own a full-size pickup truck and have a garage that's older (say pre-1970s or so) chances are your truck doesn't even fit. Or, if it does, the fit is so tight that there's no room for error and almost no way of navigating around the truck when its parked within the confines of the garage.

Newer garages typically don't have this size issue (and often have much taller door openings), but those old 7-foot door garages aren't very full-size truck friendly.

Regardless, Musk still seems interested in the idea of shrinking the Cybertruck a bit in response to public concerns. He took to Twitter with some thoughts, which we've embedded below:


Musk concluded this Twitter session by thanking everyone who offered up some ideas to make the Cybertruck better:


Full-size pickup truck drivers are accustomed to just how big the vehicles truly are, but for those who get behind the wheel of a truck of this size for the first time, it can be an eye-opening experience and perhaps Musk thinks the Cybertruck's size will be just a bit too overwhelming for buyers.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see it shrunk down just a bit? Or is its current size just fine? Let us know in comments.

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