Someday — hopefully in a future that's not too far off — many people will be able to have a solar / battery setup at least somewhat like this. And no, we're not talking specifically about the massive and incredible home or the fleet of Teslas (although it would be nice), but instead, the fact that it's all powered by the sun.

As you can see from the video above, these Tesla owners don't use any gas at all. In addition, they don't use any power from the grid, aside from about 3 cents worth per month (.008kW), which is unavoidable since it comes in to "synchronize the waveform."

A commenter asked about the homeowner's monthly energy bill. Interestingly, there is a $17 connection fee. However, since the set up is able to export some 750 kWh per month, it results in about a $30 credit. In the end, this means the local utility company will actually owe money back to the homeowners at the end of the year.

This is certainly a glimpse of the future. Sadly, at this point, it's not financially viable for many folks, but that is changing more rapidly than you might assume.

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Video Description via Net Positive LLC on YouTube:

Tesla power

Tesla power wall powering everything

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